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Apcor – Real Cork Floors


These days, more people are doing their part to make sustainable choices. Yet the last solution many people look to is cork. It’s a common misconception that cork is dying out, when in fact it’s one of the most sustainable, natural resources available. Clearly, cork needed someone to tell its story. Tribal DDB created a site that features everything from cork’s rich heritage and harvest, to its home benefits and design. And with the help of organic animations, expert advice and a gallery to showcase flooring designs, the site earned 175% more visitors than the competition and people discovered that cork is 100% good for their homes and the planet. Now that’s a story worth telling.

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Canadian Cancer Society –


Every 3 minutes, another Canadian is faced with fighting cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society created an Cannes Silver Medal winning short film where 8 Canadians share their real experiences and emotions, inviting and inspiring others to join the fight for life. The Canadian Cancer Society needed site to house these videos as well as drive visitors to Donate, Volunteer or Get Informed.

Canadian Marketing Association Award winner 2010, Best in NFP/Fundraising/Public Service, Gold Integrated – NFP/Fundraising/Public Service, Silver Advertising-NFP/Fundraising/Public Service, Silver Digital-NFP/Fundraising/Public Service.

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Ketel One Vodka – True Gentlemen’s Club

Ketel One wanted to assert itself online as the number one premium vodka for discerning gentlemen. Building on the current “Gentlemen, this is vodka” campaign, we created an experiential hub within Facebook aptly named The True Gentlemen’s Club.
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Armor All Hot Body Academy

Armor All, a popular brand of interior and exterior Car Cleaning products, was looking to contemporize their brand, and educate their consumer on the benefits of Armor All as a total car care solution. Knowing that cars + eye candy was a sweet spot for the 18-34 target, The Hot Body Academy was born.

Choosing a car care expert (Sandra or Anthony), users could launch on a sexy and interactive car cleaning demo series. At the end of each demo, the user-student was prompted to answer a final exam. Total completion had its rewards. Users could also send a ‘dirty’ message to their friend by drawing on the hood of a grimy car.

Applied Arts Magazine Interactive Award winner for Educational/Reference & Consumer Products websites
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