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Dolmio Australia – Pepper Hacker

Dolmio’s Pepper Hacker lets you turn off technology with a twist of the wrist.


Top 2015 Superbowl Commericals

Below is a list of my favorite commercials from the 2015 Superbowl XLIX. They may not be the best, but they’re my favorites.

5. Avocados From Mexico – First Draft Ever

4. Clash of Clans: Revenge

3. Snickers: The Brady Bunch

2. Loctite Glue: Positive Feelings

 1. Esurance: Say My Name


2014 CLIO Sports Awards – Silver – Priceless Golf Surprises

I won Silver at the CLIO Sports Awards in Partnerships, Sponsorships & Endorsements for MasterCard Golf’s Priceless Surprises campaign.

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Nike Ordem Football: Straight Down the Middle

Fantastic commercial from Nike Football. Love the 3rd cameo.. wait for it!

Sports Teams and Social Media

Sports and Social Media seem to go hand in hand. While watching any game these days, you can follow play by play via social media and get critiques on every play made, or even better, some amazing comments. So when it comes to the sports teams with the greatest value, are you surprised that soccer rules the online world? Barcelona and Real Madrid top Frobes’ list of the most valuable sports teams, but also have the most online followers. In fact, the 7 clubs with double digit online followers (in millions) 6 of them are soccer clubs. Only the LA Lakers can join them.

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Little Caesars July 4 Fireworks Campaign

Looks like Little Caesars has an amazing social media team. By far one of the best campaigns to ever be executed. This is just brilliant.

Time Warner Cable – What can we do worse?

I wish this was real! To be honest after watching it I feel that Time Warner Cable could have actually improved their image by poking fun at just how bad they are. Great video!

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2013 Audi RS 4 Avant – ‘Ultimate Paintball Duel’

Two brand new 2013 RS 4 Avants with bonnet mounted paintball guns take over a military aircraft hangar and go head to head in the ultimate paintball duel.

R/GA Is No. 4 on Ad Age’s Agency A-List

R/GA has been name no. 4 on Ad Age’s Agency A-List of 2013. Great team, great company! Honored to be working there.

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Volkswagon: The Force

Great new commercial from the people at Deutsch LA for the new Volkswagon Passat. Read more…

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