Ketel One Vodka – True Gentlemen’s Club

Ketel One wanted to assert itself online as the number one premium vodka for discerning gentlemen. Building on the current “Gentlemen, this is vodka” campaign, we created an experiential hub within Facebook aptly named The True Gentlemen’s Club.

Visitors are encouraged to install an application to find out what type of gentleman they are based on their Facebook profile.

The app uses a comprehensive algorithm to analyze and assess the individual’s Facebook activity behind the scenes.

At the end of the experience, participants are presented with a customized badge that outlines the type of gentleman they are (based on our findings). There’s a wide range of possible outcomes including everything from a Man-About-Town to a Scholar. The badge can be proudly displayed on their wall for all friends to see.

Every time a badge gets posted, it’s yet another opportunity to spread the word about Ketel One and the True Gentlemen’s Club. The average Facebook user has roughly 120 friends, which equates to our message being delivered to thousands upon thousands of people on a daily basis – at no media cost. That number continues to grow exponentially.

Well-done gentlemen!

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  • Here’s to those who stand above the norm… Even if the occasion calls for us to take our seats. Here’s to Gentlemen of a higher caliber.